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ManaLife aims to provide a range of mat based pilates classes, tailored for mixed abilities and all experience levels. Whether you are looking for a low impact fitness regime, to restore and strengthen after an injury or if you want a stronger core foundation to apply in other areas of life and sport, pilates is really for everyone.

ManaLife wants you to feel in control of your own health, focussing on aligning your mind and body with the pilates principles to help you achieve body awareness, be empowered, feel stronger and have more energy to move freely.

  • A tailored session specifically for you * New location coming Soon *

    25 British pounds
  • Private Pilates Group


    10 British pounds
  • Mixed Ability Pilates Kali Yoga & Wellness, Ellon PayAsGo available at...


    42 British pounds
  • Mixed Ability Pilates Balmedie Leisure Centre block booking - 6 weeks


    48 British pounds
  • Mixed Ability Pilates 6.30pm @ The Annexe-Forsyth Hall 5 week Block


    40 British pounds

As a working mother and newbie to pilates, I found ManaLife classes to be relaxing and de-stressing for my mind, whilst challenging and strengthening my body. I found studio based classes to be friendly and relaxed, with hands on guidance incredibly useful to ensure that moves are executed for maximum physical benefit and comfort/safety. Online classes have the same relaxed feel, with clear instructions and verbal guidence given. They are the highlight of my lockdown week!