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I am Erinn, Pilates teacher, a Mum of two, Wife and business owner of ManaLife. 

I began Manalife in 2019, after becoming L3 certified in Mat Based Pilates. 

Why I chose the name, I wanted something to represent more than pilates, for me it was about taking control of life and balance yourself from the inside out.

Mana - In Polynesian and Maori culture, is Energy, Power and Presence. A person with Mana is spiritually powerful, influential and courages, yet humble. 

My pilates practice became a huge part of my life after the birth of my second child in 2015, the aim was to restore my core strength and posture alignment but found I got a lot more. Becoming aware of my body and my daily movement played a huge part in me taking control of my mental and physical health, and not being controlled by chronic pain.  I wanted to create a space where pilates is available to everyone, no matter your ability or experience.

Level3 Mat based pilates Certified - Future Fit Training

Small equipment certified - Future Fit Training

Kids and Teens Pilates - APPI

Member of CIMSPA - Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity.

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