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Projection Distance Calculator



1. Create an input rectangle (front projection) on the screen. 2. Set the parameters of the rectangular screen, such as size, aspect ratio, etc. 3. The application automatically calculates the distance of the screen corner from the projector. 4. The user can set the parameters of the front projection. 5. The user can manually adjust the values of the output rectangle (rear projection) on the screen. If the user selects the diagonal screen dimensions option, the application calculates the diagonal screen dimensions in addition to the height and width of the screen. You can download the project by clicking the "Free App" button on your device. Note: Epson Projection Distance Calculator Torrent Download is only available for iPad devices. Similar News Share Play for iPad Pro (22961) - The long awaited Play Store update to the iPad Pro is finally here. However, like all other iOS 11 updates the iPad Pro version of the app is still stuck at iOS 10.4.5. The current version of Play Store for iPad Pro can’t be updated to iOS 11, iOS 10.4.5 is the most recent version. The update has some bugs which will […] Polaroid CAMERA 2 for iPad Pro - Image correction and advanced image processing made easy with Polaroid CAMERA 2 for iPad Pro. The app allows you to correct and enhance your photos and videos with one of the most powerful camera-like image editing app available. It is a must-have for those who enjoy professional photography and have a lot of trouble correcting their images. Some […] Kantar for iPad Pro - The updated version of the Kantar image analysis app (Kantar for iPad Pro) available for download on the App Store today brings in high quality picture editing that used to be possible only on smartphones. The update makes the app a serious alternative for sophisticated photo editing. With the new edition, the app also brings in […] Goodo: Quick Results for iOS - Do you often forget to time-track your work or just wish that you could instantly see your daily results? In the iOS world there are a few options to track your time. The first is TimeCamp which is available for iPad. If you are into health tracking, Goodo is a simple, personal, and useful time tracker. It provides […] Ecosia - You have been using search engines for a long time and most of them are known to be even worse

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